What is FPS in Guns of Boom?

If you have played video games in the past, especially to do with chases, such as Need for Speed, you know how exciting it is to feel you are the one doing everything on the screen instead of an avatar doing it on your behalf. The one thing you loved about first person shooters (FPS) – is the frenetic nature of the game, the real-time action, and the spontaneity of it all.

Now, translating all these characteristics to mobile has not been an easy thing – many developers have tried making FPS games and have failed. With this new game called “Guns of Boom”, however, people have actually been quite positive in their reviews.

So what is the game about?

Guns of Boom is an FPS made for the mobile platform, and we mean that in the most encouraging way possible. Game Insight, a Lithuanian gaming outfit, was able to make a multi-player online FPS actually fun and engaging, despite the awful name of this game.
The gameplay is pretty much like Team Fortress 2 – imbibing the colorful graphics, simplified controls, and auto-firing. The game is good enough that even the simple gameplay does not hamper it. Battles are 4v4 set across a wide selection of maps. You team up, run around, and shoot all the enemies you can find.

This may sound like an extremely simple concept. However, you have never seen an FPS for mobile quite as good as this. Guns of Boom is just so much fun in such a simple game, you will keep coming back to it. In addition, you will come back because the game experience is just top notch and there is a guns of boom hack available.

How do you navigate it?

In this game, players need to spend numerous of gold and gun bucks. These two are the currencies in game, and everyone plays the game to gather both these items. Unfortunately, these things increase the hurdles in front of players to get success. You use the ‘Guns of Boom hack’ to remove all these hurdles.

One odd thing about this game is the fact that it has no button to shoot: your character shoots automatically when it sees an enemy in your sights. This saves you the effort of mindlessly pressing a button – a smart measure that games in other genres on Android have already cued in on, such as many kart racing games that accelerate automatically.

In Guns of Boom, two teams of up to four players face off in a team death match. There is no other game mode; there is no side objective, and no custom character class or anything like that. Similarly, the controls take care of shooting for you, so all you have to do is concentrate on aiming, moving, healing, and tossing a grenade every once in a while.

This super simplified approach mostly works because Guns of Boom has a solid set of maps in it. There are military facilities, farms, streets, and all sorts of other levels cleverly designed to allow interesting dynamics to develop throughout a match, even if the core shooting is super straightforward.

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