Top Tips and Tricks for a Hay Day Hack

Do you want to improve your “Hay Day” gameplay? The title has been available for iOS/Android since 2012/2013 but is still a very popular game among fans. Besides using a Hay Day Hack you can also try out some tips and tricks that can improve your gaming:

1. Plant your slow-growing crops during work hours or at night
There are some crops that can grow in a few minutes just like securing a Hay Day Hack for free. However, some examples are carrots and corn, which can grow in under 10 minutes. However, then there’s other crops like pumpkins that will take hours to grow into big fruits.

This highlights the importance of planting crops like indigo before you sleep. Another option is to do it for a few hours during your work hours at work or school. Then they’ll be ready when you’re done so you’ll have the option to harvest them and use the crops as you need them.

You should also use the same rule for finished goods and livestock. There are some of them that take hours to prepare so it’s critical to get started before bedtime. If you do that then they’ll be ready after you wake up during the next day.

2. Never run out of your seed crops
This is a helpful tip that’s just as important as using a Hay Day Hack. When you plant a crop the yield is 2x during harvest time. For example, if you plane 1 unit of corn you’ll end up with 2 units in your farm’s silo.

There are chances when it might seem like a good idea to use up all your seeds to fill a big order. Don’t do it! You should instead plant the seeds and keep enough with you to make the products you’ll need at a later time. It’s important to keep your seeds so you won’t have to use diamonds to purchase them later.

3.Rack up money using your road-side stand
This is generally a better idea then selling various goods to your visitors. Instead try selling them to friends/followers who play “Hay Day.” You can find out this info by reading your newspaper. You could max out the price then give a price cut of 10% to boost sales.

4. Don’t deal with farm visitors
This might not seem very neighborly so why should you consider this tip? Visitors to the farm are interested in purchasing your goods. However, there’s a catch! They usually aren’t willing to pay premium prices. Make sure you’re willing to turn them down if the price isn’t right. There’s a good chance they’ll return later and will then offer more money for your products.

Are there any exceptions to this rule? If you can make something super-fast like wheat or you have a ton of something like eggs then you might want to consider selling to visitors at lower prices.

Are you ready to use these tips/tricks and a Hay Day Hack to make the mobile game even more fun?

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