Nokia N8 Fully Loaded with Great New Features

It seems quite a long time since Nokia made a smartphone that has made everyone go crazy. The 6600 was perhaps the last phone to create such buzz around a device from Nokia. Even though Nokia managed to get some hype going around with the introduction of the N series phones, most of the phones in that series where either disappointing as a phone or over-priced. Amongst that sea of disappointment was the N97, the biggest of them all. Nokia had to do something and with the competition showing no signs of slowing down, it was a case whether Nokia can redo once again what they are good again, making good solid phones that set a new benchmark.

If that was what Nokia had in mind when they set out to make the Nokia N8, then it seems that they have finally cracked it. The N8 is the phone that replaces the N97 as Nokia’s flagship and it finally reminds us what Nokia can do. Nokia were the first ones to introduce a lot of new things like the front facing camera before anyone thought of it. However, some bad decisions have resulted in the company’s image being severely hit. The N8 seems to be the right choice to put everything back into place.


The new Nokia N8 is a strange phone. It is a love or hate design, but it will appeal to most rather than doing the opposite. The phone rounded edges and the aluminium body are really top notch. You will surely enjoy holding the N8 in your hand all day long without complaining. Also, the use of aluminium has provided Nokia the ability to use colours as opposed to the boring black. There are five colours available: silver, black, blue, green and orange. Each of them looks good in their own way. The most striking feature of the design is the camera that bulges out from the body. As with any design, there are some issues. Firstly, the position of the menu button and the loudspeaker are the ones that irritate you most. The menu button is a tad too difficult to reach if you are a right-hander who wants to use this phone only with the left hand. It would have been so pleasing to have this button in the middle rather than in the left side. Secondly, the loudspeaker is positioned at the back in the bulge that has the camera. As a result, you would be unable to hear anything if you place the phone on a cushion, but with time, you get used to it.

Nokia phones have always shone in their build quality and this phone really takes that to another level. The aluminium body has to do a lot with this and the phone really looks very upmarket. The Nokia N8 is now available in the United Kingdom and it goes for £429 without contracts and around £35 a month with contracts. Visiting mobile deals can help you to make appropriate selection for you.

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