Learn to Read Homescapes Reviews for Maximum Game Improvement

Usually, when people talk about downloadable game apps and tips and tricks, they usually think of actual game guides. There’s no shortage of Homescapes game guides out there. They tell you how the game generally operates as well as the basics of gameplay. Let me post a spoiler. If you’ve ever played a typical pattern puzzle, you pretty much understand about 80% of Homescapes.

It’s the 20% that you really need to work on because Homescapes is a hybrid of pattern puzzles as well as strategic builder. You basically use the coins that you get solving puzzles to purchase resources to renovate a mansion. It’s this purposeful gameplay for what would otherwise be a pattern puzzle that makes Homescapes so popular. It’s like Candy Crush but with a sense of purpose and strategy.

If you want to maximize your gameplay and really take your game to the next level, you have to move past the guides because the guides can only tell you the basics about the game. There’s just so many ways you can describe the game’s operations and ultimately, they’re neither here nor there. Because what would really produce better results for you is how you manage your resources.

This is where reviews come in because this is where people more likely to post their actual experiences in the game. Learn to read these because there will be a lot of people who are just going to be posting nasty stuff. That’s right. They’re just going to be posting negative reviews about Homescapes. Maybe they got addicted and they didn’t like it or maybe they just had a tough time and they think it’s a bad game because of that.

Whatever the case may be, people have many different motivations and reasons why they post the way they do but you need to read between the lines and look for Homescapes coins management tips. This is the key because as you play the game, you pick up coins and you use the coins to unlock certain parts of the game. If you are not very efficient in how you do this, you may get stuck in the game. That’s right.

The game rewards you with coins with each puzzle you solve but it’s going to be hard to get any more coins when you are in a very tough puzzle and you burned through your resources. This is where Homescapes cheats come in. Use these hacks to get free coins but don’t use it as a license to just blow through all your coins quickly. Instead, be as stingy as possible with your coins and only use it when there’s really no other alternative.

Only use your Homescapes coins when it’s obvious that the puzzle that you’re in is really impossible. But regardless of how hard you try, regardless of how many times you have tried to solve it, it just seems that you can’t make any progress. That’s the only time you should use Homescapes coins. Believe me, it’s very easy to blow through your coins because the game is a lot of fun.

You want to speed through the levels but here’s the spoiler. A lot of those levels are actually quite doable. In fact, if you’ve been playing the game long enough, they’re actually quite easy. It really would be sad for you to blow precious coins on puzzles that you probably could have solved on your own. This is the challenge. You need to know when to stick to the coins and when to actually solve a puzzle on your own. Homescapes hacks enable you to get free coins, but you need to be as economical about them as possible.

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