Clash of clans- A New World Awaits

One of the world’s most popular mobile games, it offers players the respite of a fantasy setting where they are the chieftains of a village and have to build up their tower using the resources they can scrounge up. So let us discuss these resources:

The resources: The resources used are gold, dark elixir and elixir. Gold and elixir are used to reload and build defenses that ultimately protect the player from another’s attack. On the other hand, dark elixir and elixir are used to upgrade troops and train them. They are also used for spells. Players have to build gold storages and mines to store the earned gold and elixir. To reiterate, gold is used to build defensive or protective buildings and upgrade town halls which in turn allows one to search for more constructions and other higher levels for more buildings. Yes, it’s a building game for sure from all levels- the aim is always to build your resources and your defenses up. There are also gems, but you will have to use a coc hack for these.

Town Halls: These are important because, in different town halls, things of importance will be found. Like, in town hall 7; dark exilir can be found and thus can be used, as stated above to upgrade and train armies. In town hall 10, the inferno tower becomes available whereas it is only in town hall 11 that the defensive building eagle artillery comes to be.

Clash of the clans: In the major event of the game, players have to band together by pooling in resources- donating troops or by giving the advice to face off against other clans. The battles are called for by the clan leaders and there is a day gap between war day, which is referred to as the preparation day. There are some rules in this clash: One is that when a player attacks, then they can only have two attacks per war. The players receive stars based on the amount of destruction they can make. Of course, in the end, the clan with the most stars is declared victorious, but if the number of stars is equal among the clans then the victor decided on the basis of maximum destruction, it is a war game after all. Addition, players get bonus loot if they use their attacks in the war.

Builder base: In this new game mode, players can sail off to a new island where they can construct a new village with a whole different set of buildings. Here, two players can simultaneously attack each other’s bases. But the rules are the same- the player who does the most damage gets the most stars or trophies and elixirs. It should be noted that one can only win loot after attacking three times in a window¬†of 12 or 24 hours.

Magic items: A magic item as the name states is used to enhance a particular aspect or feature of the player’s village. These items are only obtainable as rewards from the various clan games one engages in. Now, clan games are like a weekly event where after enough points are accumulated, a reward tier is unlocked and then players can select one reward from every unlocked tier.

Released in 2012, this game still continues to rein in everyone’s minds and hearts. So jump into this immersive world of fun and power.

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